A legend

Many years ago on the cost of the Black Sea it was rumored about a magic hearth that was supposed to bring good luck.

It is morning again. Again one can hear a noise of voices on the fish market. The fishers have just come back from the sea and not empty handed. The women are glad, they take the catch and lay it on the counters. It's the most hospitable village, nobody has heard anything bad about it. The travelers whose route lay through the village would make a promise to come back here in order to visit an unusual fish market and to taste fried fish.

People of the neighbouring villages couldn't solve a riddle of an incredible luck the fishers had daily and the force of attraction to that village. It was as if the very sea favoured them.

Only the locals knew who they owed their success to…

One day among wreckages and flotsam a piece of unknown metal was cast ashore near the fish market. The fishers are famous for theirs superstitiousness, they remembered the words of a legend: "What once came out of the sea will bring a good luck twice". They took a counsel and decided that the gift of the sea should belong to all the people of the village and be situated at a place where everybody could use its magic power. In this case the luck wouldn't be in the possession of just one person, that meant that there won't be any discords, envy and treachery in the village.

The villagers used the metal to cast a brazier to warm oneself at night and cook at day time. The brazier was set up near the fish market and should anyone find himself there, he could come up and warm oneself near the fire or taste a most tasty fish dish.

Every evening fishers, villagers and travelers who covered great distances in search of their dreams would gather round the brazier and tell capturing stories from their lives. The warmth of the fire warmed not only the bodies but also the souls of different and once strange people.

Time passed. The village was flourishing, the market grew larger, but people's hearts became callous. The villages enclosed the brazier with a fence and set an admission fee for whose who wanted in. The good luck didn't favoured the people any longer. There appeared quarrels, people became envious and even were ready to commit treachery.

The sea couldn't stand people's ingratitude and greediness. A hefty storm broke out at night. When the first sun rays touched the black mirror of the sea, the fishers set out to their to their boats as they used to do it every morning. No sooner had they approached the market that they stood petrified. Horror gripped them as they saw what had left from the fish market which now was reduced to a heap of debris, broken boats. There was no brazier any longer, only an empty plot of land encircled by the fence.

Despaired the fishers were not able to say a word. Their thoughts spoke for them: "The sea has taken back its gift that used to bring us good luck".

The catch became scarcer, the fish market lay deserted, travelers tended to keep away from the place as now it brought only misfortune.

The villagers turned into embittered, resentful and indifferent people. It seemed all but impossible to revive a past joy in people's souls. Then the fishers recalled the words of the legend: "What once came out of the sea will bring a good luck twice". People had hope that the sea could feel pity for them and give them another chance which the villagers wouldn't miss.

And the sea heard their plea. At night it was stormy again and in the morning the villagers saw the brazier in its original place. It stood there blazing as if nothing had happened. But there was no any fence around it. Now anyone could come up, warm oneself by the fire and taste a most delicious fried fish cooked here and take away with himself a piece of good luck.

200 years have passed. The fisher village has turned into a picturesque city of Sevastopol. There is no fish market on the sea shore, but one can still sense the same unforgettable scent of fried fish and warmth of the magic brazier. Restaurant "Rybatsky stan" invites you to visit a place of the antique fish market where fisher- waiters will treat you with a variety of fish dishes cooked on the antique brazier which is 200 years old. You will make a mental journey to the ancient village and to the fish market where you will seat at the same table with the villagers, foreign travelers and fishers and take pleasure of the warmth of the magic fire. How real is the magic power of good luck that the fire emits is up to you to decide…