Restaurant "Rybatsky stan" is a fairy-tale that came true. Nowadays very person sometimes has a desire to escape from the fuss and bustle of a modern world, from the problems that has to be resolved, from work that has no end and to find himself in another world where reality gives way to a beautiful fancy and wonderful dreams.

Once here you will forget that you are in a restaurant. The interior thought-out till the minute details will bring you to the fairy-tale ship that is about to set off on a magic voyage during which you will go through a miraculous experience.

From first sight it is clear that the interior of the restaurant is not a fake but a real preserved history.

The fire of the 200 years old brazier, fishing boats, amphorae, vessels with ancient scrolls, fishing nets on the walls, wooden tables and chairs, all these articles of antiquity combined with daintiness will dip you into the ancient atmosphere of the life of the fisher, the live which breathes with cosiness and warmth.

The splash of the sea outside will be a connecting link between imagination and reality. It is especially felt in summer time when a summer deck is open to the public. White sails are set, they are full by the wind and the ship-restaurant comes to life ready for grand voyages.