At "Rybatsky stan" our guests are offered dishes which reflect our personal view on the Crimean cuisine. Our menu is a consolidation of cuisine traditions of all parts of Crimea and includes features of all peoples who has been living on this land of plenty.

What can be more beautiful that just caught fish? One gets an impression that its real home is not vast expanses of sea, but a hot brazier. No gourmet will resist temptation to taste garfish, king-mullet or horse-mackerel fluttering in the tongues of the brazier flame. Sturgeon, salmon, trout, red flounder and other gifts of the sea cooked by kind hands of our head-cook and dressed with a fine sauce will be a pleasant surprise even for the most tried visitors.

It was not by chance that ancient Greeks chose these this land for the settlement. Abundance of fish, excellent climatic conditions for viticulture, picturesque landscapes and beautiful sea views made the land their second fatherland. And who else can be the best judge of vine and fish? The fertile soil favoured the viticulture of the Greeks which became determinant for vine traditions of the people of Crimea. We consider it as our duty to treat you with the best sorts of Crimean vines whose taster is the most known gourmet-time!